Premium Quick Release Tactical Vest

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This premium vest is upgraded from our popular Heavy Duty Vest design. It has quick release shoulder straps, and quick release waist at the cumber bund. Comes with an detachable map pouch in the front chest, triple magazine pouch, and a detachable MOLLE medical pouch on the back. We've also added side pouches to fit 6-8" plts to protect your body in tactical situations. Front and back plt pockets have four layers to secure the plts including webbing with hook and loop fastener, PVC coated fabric with webbing hook to fix plts in position, hook and loop fastener on inner edge of pocket and finally a fourth layer that includes two webbing hooks to attach on the outer side of the pocket. Cumber bund has elastic fabric on the sides and adjustable hook and loop attachments at the back for a secure fit on the body.