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AMOMAX team develops the dual-use carrying attachment – the MOLLE & Belt Clip. It’s not necessary to separately buy a belt clip and a MOLLE anymore to connect Amomax tactical gear.

The belt clip fits 1.5″ to 2.5″ belt. The adjustment lever and 5 groups of slots marked belt width are used for width adjustment easily.
Why 2 tooth gear? They are designed for ride height selection.
You may see a slice on the side button, it’s small mechanism to lock the belt clip. When closing up the belt clip, you’ll need to push it down to lock it. When you hope to open the belt clip, just push it up and then to press the side button.

Once the adjustment lever is removed, this accessory can be used as a MOLLE attachment. No matter you are using a laser-cut MOLLE system or a classic strap-type MOLLE system, this MOLLE attachment can be attached to either of both systems.